Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme

In order for you to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment and get a Turkish passport, you need to purchase real estate worth at least US $ 400,000 in Turkey. Along your application, your spouse and any children under the age of 18 will also be granted citizenship.

Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The government announced the changes made to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program called ‘Turkey Golden Visa’ in June 2022. These changes meant that buyers could obtain citizenship and passports for as little as $400,000. This has made the programme one of the most affordable and attractive citizenship initiatives around the world. Since then, thousands of investors have obtained citizenship through purchasing real estate, with Property Turkey helping many.

Those who are successful in the application will have Turkish citizenship forever, and their children born after this date will be born as Turkish citizens. By allowing dual citizenship, Turkey allows you to keep your Turkish citizenship as well as other citizenships.

Different Ways to get Turkish Citizenship Through Investment

Buying real estate worth at least 400,000 USD is the most suitable option for obtaining Turkish Citizenship.

Make a fixed capital investment worth at l east 500.000 USD in Turkey.

There must be at least 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency deposits in a Turkish Bank.

Purchase Government Bonds in a foreign currency of at least USD 500.000 or equivalent.

Create employment for at least 50 people in Turkey as approved by the ministry.

Minimum 500.000 USD into real estate investment fund or venture capital investment fund.


For Real Estate Investment

1- Applicants are required to purchase a property worth at least $400,000. This does not have to be a single unit, with the provisions of the regulation, there may be more than one unit.

2- Applicants need to keep the purchased real estate for a minimum of 3 years. This 3 year commitment needs to be registered as an annotation within the Title Deed or/and Notarised Sales Contract.

3- An Official Valuation Survey should be conducted by the official authorities announced by the Banking Supervisory Board. The valuation report must be set at least US$400.00.

4-The purchase price must be paid to the seller by bank transfer and supplemented with a bank receipt. This proves that the operation was performed.

5- The official declared value of the investment must be worth at least 400.000 USD at the time of the Notarised Sales Contract and/or its ownership transfer made at the Land Registry Office.

6- Any such property within this scope must not be registered under any foreign real person’s name, including the applicant’s spouse or children. Real estate that has been transferred by the applicant’s spouse or kids after 12.01.2017 aren’t within the scope of the regulation.

7- If the applicant has purchased housing using a mortgage loan, the value of the mortgage will be deducted from the value indicated in the Official Valuation Survey.

8- Application will be sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, Directorate of Foreigners Department, through the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, Land Registry Office.

How to Obtain a Turkish Passport Through Buying Property?

Get a tax registration number.

Open a Turkish bank account.

Find property for sale.

Buy property in Turkey.

Get the certificate of conformity.

Get the certificate of conformity.

Application for a residence permit in Turkey.

Steps to Apply for Turkish Citizenship with Real Estate Investment

The Tax Registration number can be obtained from any tax office in Turkey. Original passport and photos are required.

At the purchase stage, transactions will need to be documented. The original Passport and Tax Registration Number are required. At the same time, an official document indicating your current address is required to open a bank account.

The total value of the property must be 400,000 US dollars or equivalent Turkish Lira. The properties must be completed or close to completion, a residential license has been issued, and a floor easement or deed deed must be ready. It must be suitable for the Official Valuation Survey.

When buying property, use a bank transfer and document it with a receipt. Within the scope of the requirement, get a title deed registration and/or a notarized sales contract with the annotation ‘will not be sold for three years’. After three years, you can sell your real estate investment in Turkey, as your citizenship is guaranteed forever.

Provide the Official Valuation Survey and submit the Bank Transfer Receipt. Apply to Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

It is necessary to collect the necessary documents before applying for a residence permit. Therefore, apply to the General Directorate of Migration Management. A residence permit is an important step towards obtaining your citizenship and eventual passport.

Collect the necessary documents before applying for citizenship. Apply to the General Directorate of Migration Management. Note: Proper Turkey’s in-house lawyers are there to guide you every step of the way.

Facts about Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

-You will need to keep all your investments for 3 years.

-You are free to sell your property when the required time has expired.

-The applicant, the applicant’s spouse and all children under the age of 18 will receive Turkish citizenship.

-You don’t have to live in Turkey to benefit from the Turkish citizenship by investment program.

-Your citizenship will remain forever, and children born after that will be citizens of Turkey.

You can keep multiple citizenships as Turkey allows dual citizenship.

Documents Required for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Birth Certificate – Each copy of the birth certificate must be stamped and certified OR Apostilled in accordance with the Apostille Convention.

Certificate of Residence – Proof of address must be presented. Bank statements or electricity bills will not be accepted. Each certificate must be stamped or Apostilled in accordance with the Apostille Convention.

Marital Status – Vital registration, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, which shows all family members as husband, wife and children… Each certificate needs to be stamped and verified or apostilled.

If the applicant is a widow, the spouse’s death certificate


Health Insurance

12 Biometric Photos Taken on a White Background4 Biometric photos taken against a white background and sized 5×6 are required for all persons applying.

8 more biometric photos regular sized taken against a white background are required from the main applicant.

Passport – A copy of your original passport.

Original and Notarised Turkish translation of all documents

Power of Attorney granted

Application Forms – All completed and filled in correctly.

Professional Assistance for Turkish Citizenship

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