Our task

Our goal is to make the buying process of real estate property as comfortable as possible for you. We not only select a profitable investment offer for you, but also provide maximum support at all stages of the purchase.

If you like the objects Serina or The House Residence Helis Bodrum, offered by Helis Yapı. And, also, if you are ready to buy, but would like to see projects by yourself first – we offer you the Fly&Buy service.

As part of this service:

We will pay for your flight to Turkey

We will place you free of charge in the comfortable hotel "Helis Suites Bitez"

We will organize a transfer from the airport for you, as well as for the inspection of objects

To participate in the program, you need to:

1- Contact a representative of our company and declare your desire to buy a villa in the selected properties

2- Choose convenient arrival dates and inform us about them

3- Make a deposit for the selected property

4- Sign a contract for the provision of Fly&Buy services

Thanks to participation in this program, you will receive a full and detailed consultation, as well as a tour of real estate, and, with ease and comfort, you will become the owner of a beautiful villa on the Aegean sea.

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